This country has come a long way since Baby Duck. We can’t all travel the country, tasting and filling our trunks with our favourite wines. Too few of us understand, let alone appreciate Canada’s wine explosion. So we’ve invited over 40 of them to Edmonton for one deliciously patriotic weekend.

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50th Parallel Estate

Set in the heart of Okanagan Wine Country in British Columbia, Canada, 50th Parallel Estate is a majestic 61 acre site near the shores of Lake Okanagan – a destination winery located only 15 minutes from Kelowna International Airport. With unmatched geography, the southwest sloping site enjoys long days boosted by lake reflectivity. Bright, dry, and frost-free, it has natural geological properties with rare, red granite sand and soil. Top international winemaker Grant Stanley has produced the winery’s world-renowned Pinot Noir, making up nearly 40% of the Estate vineyard planting, and aromatic white wines balancing the vineyard blocks planted in unison with the undulating natural topography.

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Bartier Bros

Bartier Bros. Our winemaking is simply good farming in unique terroir. Our farming and terroir express precious Okanagan Valley attributes through our wines; purity, freshness, vibrancy, and above all intensity.

Cerqueira Vineyard (Oliver, BC) – Black Sage Gravel Bar: heavy soils with calcium carbonate covered stones. Minerality from these stones appears in each of the wines from this vineyard.

Lone Pine Vineyard (Summerland, BC) – Giant’s Head Volcanic Transition: volcanic stones & granite, with calcium carbonate. Cooler climate allows the vibrant & fresh acidity to remain in the wine.

Don & Michael Bartier are now into the 6th vintage of Bartier Bros. wines from their two vineyards. Their new winery is under construction on the Cerqueira Vineyard, to be ready for the 2015 vintage.

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Benjamin Bridge Vineyards

Founded in 2003 by Gerry McConnell, a veteran gold-mining executive, with his late wife, Dara Gordon, Benjamin Bridge first released its flagship 2004 sparkling wines in 2013, quickly selling out all 1,400 bottles. Under the expert guidance of winemakers Raphaël Brisbois (Piper-Heidsieck), Peter J. Gamble, and Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, Benjamin Bridge sparklings are made in the laborious and time-consuming Méthode Classique, using the classic Champagne grape varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The precious berries are hand-picked in small baskets, delicately pressed, and finally aged on their lees for no less than five years. In the glass, light gold with a subtle rose hue. On the nose, youthful notes of juicy peaches are complicated by aromas of sea breeze and maritime minerals. On the palate, the wine reveals clarity and focus with hints of ripe cranberries and a fleur de sel-like minerality. Asian spices and more mineral notes resonate throughout a deep, persistent finish.

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Big Head

Big Head Wines is the first project for Andrzej Lipinski and family under their own label. They produce high quality, low quantity wines focusing on slow fermentation using indigenous yeasts, small quantities crafted by hand, and highly structured yet balanced reds using the appassimento style.

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Blasted Church Winery

In 2002, Evelyn and Chris Campbell, made a dramatic career change after being financial executives in Vancouver. Evelyn was a certified general accountant who had an independent practice; Chris was an administrator with an international brokerage house. Wanting to run a business of their own, they identified Okanagan wineries as the opportunity and investigated seven wineries during two and a half years before buying Prpich Vineyards.

The vines at Blasted Church grow on sloping plateau above the eastern shore of Skaha Lake. From the windswept hilltop where the wineshop is situated, there are picture postcard views across the lake to the village of Kaleden on the western shore. The vines grow on sandy loam; the good mix of sand and clay give the soils good water-holding capacity. The winery makes its own compost, adding it to give the vineyard more organic matter.

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Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery is devoted to crafting world-class wines in an environmentally-sustainable manner. Founder Jim Wyse’s commitment to striving for balance in all things infuses everything that’s done at Burrowing Owl. In the vineyard, the natural balance is maintained by recruiting bluebirds and bats to help control harmful insects; at the winemaking facilities, state-of-the-art technology is employed along with traditional winemaking methods. Remarkable for its strikingly beautiful setting as well as its environmental leadership, the winery has become a destination for wine lovers around the globe welcoming over 100,000 visitors each year. Burrowing Owl’s success has also benefited our feathered friends, as the winery supports conservation work that is helping the endangered burrowing owl make a comeback in British Columbia.

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Cave Spring Cellars

Named after the limestone caves and mineral springs located in their eponymous vineyard, Cave Spring Cellars has been producing outstanding wines nearly 30 years. Founded and to this day operated by the Pennachetti family and veteran winemaker Angelo Pavan, this esteemed estate has been vital in the development of the wine industry in Niagara, most notably as pioneers of vitis vinifera with plantings dating back to the 1970’s and the refinement of the regional style for Riesling as one of the Peninsula’s definitive varieties. In addition, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and traditional method sparkling wines complete the diverse portfolio, with the very best of these coming from vines up to 40 years of age planted in the limestone-clay soils of their Cave Spring Vineyard on the Beamsville Bench.

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Charles Baker Wines

Charles Baker Wines, established in 2005, focuses exclusively on Riesling grown on the Niagara Escarpment in southern Ontario. It is collaborations such as these, between growers, producers, and crush pads that results in limited volumes of intensely fine wine proudly celebrating all those devoted to wine-growing.

The wines are brought to bottle at Stratus Vineyards under the watchful eye of the winemaking team. In Ontario, a host winery is required for all producers that do not own their own vineyards or brick and mortar facilities. This synergistic relationship allows single vineyard wines to be showcased. “CB” Rieslings are enjoyed across Canada and around the world. Charles Baker is also the Marketing & Sales Director at Stratus Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

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Church & State Wines

The name Church & State symbolizes a balance between the many elements involved in creating the highest quality wine we can produce. This concept of balance permeates everything we do, a balance between the head and the heart, between change and tradition. In the Okanagan Valley we farm 100 acres on estate land, and 11 acres of planted grapes on the Saanich Peninsula. Our guiding principle is that you can make great wine only if you have great grapes. Great grapes are produced on the best land, most suitable to the varietal planted and with great attention to detail and timing throughout the planting, growing and harvesting process.

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Clos du Soleil Winery

Clos du Soleil is a small artisan winery and estate vineyard, located on the sun- drenched rocky slopes of the Similkameen Valley, on the Upper Bench. We focus on Bordeaux style wines which are elegant and full of rich minerality, and we also have a few fun non-Bordeaux style wines which you must visit the tasting room to discover. Our estate vineyard is certified Organic, and we also use Biodynamic practices to further enrich our soil and vines. We take a very natural, non- manipulative approach to farming and also within our winemaking techniques… Old world elegance, new world edge!

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Desert Hills

One Day….so began the dream of three brothers. Imagining the adjacent orchard as a vineyard, theirvineyard, from which their learned craft of winegrowing on the Black Sage Bench would prosper…

And, over a decade later, that property became theirs, and such was the beginning of the Desert HillsEstate Winery. It may be easy to see their inspiration now, standing amongst the rows in the EstateVineyard, but it was a shared vision that could only be successfully achieved with a thoroughunderstanding of the sandy soils of this unique pocket desert.

Today, each vineyard still resonates with its own sound, and our tree – it symbolizes the realization ofthe brothers’ carefully nurtured dream and the abundance which can spring forth from this desertterroir.

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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry Vineyard is a small family-owned Okanagan winery in Summerland, situated high above the original town site on a plateau that enjoys an ideal micro-climate and excellent sun exposure for growing exceptional grapes. Thanks to the vision of the vineyard’s founders, Dirty Laundry Vineyard has some of the oldest vinifera vines in the Okanagan Valley. The winery features a most welcoming and beguiling vine-covered patio that overlooks orchards, vineyards and Okanagan Lake, as well as the historic trestle bridge at Trout Creek Canyon. Visitors often have a chance to see the formidable Kettle Valley Steam Train pass by alongside the vineyard during the tourist season. The little-known Summerland story of a 19th-century Chinese Laundromat which fronted for a brothel has provided the perfect back drop to arouse your sense of humor while your remaining senses are stimulated by your surroundings and the products of the vineyard.

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As elegant and stylish as the majestic blue heron in flight, EastDell wines are crafted to add some tasteful sophistication to your everyday occasions. Easy drinking and made from select, locally grown grapes, EastDell wines are versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or with a wide range of foods.

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Henry of Pelham

As a family owned and operated winery, we are dedicated to producing wines grown from the distinctive soils and climate of the Niagara Peninsula and most specifically the famous and well regarded Short Hills Bench. We are fiercely committed to consistently growing and making only the finest wines by focusing on constant improvements in our vineyards and winery, low yields and wines that have true elegance, finesse and age ability.

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JoieFarm Winery

JoieFarm Winery was co-founded by Heidi Noble & Michael Dinn in 2004. JoieFarm is interested exclusively in the grape varieties of Alsace and Burgundy which excel in the cool-climate, desert landscape of the Okanagan Valley. JoieFarm is particularly interested in making these wines because these varieties thrive and are particularly relevant to the Okanagan Valley.

JoieFarm’s limited production of 15,000 cases sells out quickly with the wines being sold exclusively to a private mailing list and select British Columbia & Alberta restaurants and private wine shops.

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Lakeview Cellars

Established in 1991 Lakeview Cellars has developed a strong tradition in crafting premium wines. With a passion for full bodied reds and complex whites, Lakeview Cellars is best known for classic varietals and traditional blends. The wines are produced in limited quantities and only from vintages that our winemakers deem fit to bear in the Lakeview label.

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La Stella

LaStella was created to capture our vision of la dolce vita: fine food, wonderful wine, great music, and the good things in life. At LaStella, we celebrate the sun that ripens our grapes and brings warmth to our life, and we share that with everyone who visits us. We do not dogmatically follow either the modern school or the traditional school of winemaking, but stop & think carefully about every single step in our winemaking process. Utilizing techniques from both schools is our approach at LaStella.

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Le Vieux Pin

Le Vieux Pin is a small production, Boutique Winery, located high on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver, B.C. Our goal is to make wines that capture the essence of the French winemaking tradition and express our distinct Canadian terroir. We are dedicated to making wines that are elegant and focused, with great intensity of fruit, and above all: a sense of place.

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Situated midway between Skaha and Vaseux Lakes, we have been growing and selling award winning grapes for over 20 years.

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Little Engine

“Dreams don’t come true, dreams are made true and so began the journey. A vision to produce a collection of wines that would appeal to astute wine enthusiasts and the most seasoned professionals. Varietals based on terroir and the ability to influence with barrels. Two properties planted in Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Merlot would mark estate production while Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet would make up the balance of the portfolio. A winery
dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. We believe our vision of inspiration and dreams result in wines that deliver, inspired by the same dreams.”

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Little Farm Winery

Little Farm Winery is the small hands-on operation of Rhys Pender MW and Alishan Driediger. It started with a passion for wine and developed into growing and producing Chardonnay and Riesling from their Mulberry Tree Vineyard at their home in Cawston, BC in the beautiful Similkameen Valley. A dry Rosé and Cabernet Franc from Blind Creek Vineyard were added later. The goal was always to make wines with minimal manipulation and intervention that really capture the vineyard site and each year’s unique growing season. Little Farm Winery will never be big and will always focus on making small batches of single-vineyard wine that reflect each site’s unique characteristics. The goal is to make interesting, characterful, natural-ish wines and look after our little farm.

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Nestled in the hillsides of Nova Scotia’s enchanting Gaspereau Valley and home to Pete and Sue Luckett, the winery is beautifully positioned to take advantage of a fertile terroir, and enjoys stunning views overlooking the Minas Basin and Blomidon.

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Maverick Estate Winery

Nature delivers everything of value in wine. You can’t add; you can only destroy what naturally exists in the fruit,” says winemaker Bertus Albertyn. “A winemaker should see himself as observer and preserver rather than ‘maker’, which is why we allow the winemaking process space and time to go at its own pace. Our job is simply to capture and preserve the unique flavours of our soil, our climate, and our weather and translate that potential into exceptional wine.”

Working with fruit produced exclusively in our family estate vineyards, we make our wine with minimum intervention. We choose not to add inoculants, sugar or other additives because, though they speed up the process and sweeten the product, they mask and muddy the flavor subtleties only available from nature. Our simple, patient approach builds wines of beauty and detail: rich, daring reds and powerful, elegant whites.

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Meyer Family Vineyards

In traditional French burgundy style we focus on small case lots of varietals best suited and expressive of their unique place of origin with an emphasis on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We produce less than 6000 cases and strive to produce the finest wines possible. Our wines are hand harvested and hand crafted and we take great pride in each bottle of wine with great attention to detail.

We hope that you enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy making them!

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Mission Hill Family Estate

Established in 1981, Mission Hill Family Estate located in the heart of British Columbia’s pristine Okanagan Valley. This family‐owned winery is known for its award‐winning wines, spectacular setting, and Terrace Restaurant, which was honoured as one of the ‘Top Five Winery Restaurants in the World’ by Travel + Leisure magazine. Majestic mountains, scenic lakes and lush orchards encase the winery’s dramatic architecture and culminate in a setting that celebrates wine, food and the arts. Mission Hill recently won ‘Canadian Winery of the Year’ for the third time, and the winery’s elegant, internationally‐acclaimed wine portfolio celebrates the unique character of one of the world’s most exciting, emerging wine regions.

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Monte Creek Ranch

Just a 10-minute drive outside Kamloops City limits, Monte Creek Ranch aims to follow in the footsteps of the area’s early explorers. Come experience the beauty that first brought these pioneers out West. Forging a new era of exploration for the Thompson Valley, Monte Creek Ranch offers the next frontier in winemaking. Enjoy a wine tasting and shop for local products. Learn more at

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Nighthawk Vineyards

Nighthawk Vineyards is a boutique farm gate winery, overlooking the scenic Green Lake valley above Okanagan Falls. Itis truly a magical destination, with a distinctive terroir that contributes to some of the finest grape growing conditions.

After harvesting high quality grapes for more than fourteen years, Nighthawk Vineyards evolved into an exclusive wineryoffering exceptional hand crafted wines and a personal experience that keeps wine lovers coming back.

Nighthawk Vineyards has a range of wines to enjoy; including their Gewürztraminer which was chosen as a competitionwine in Gold Medal Plates Edmonton, the 2012 Syrah which was awarded Gold Medal for “Best of Varietal” in theOkanagan Spring Wine Festival, and the 2015 Chardonnay which won the Bronze Medal in the Best of BC Wine Awards. back to top


At Nk’Mip Cellars, we are the dedicated guardians of a proud legacy. As the first Aboriginal-owned winery in North America, we are inspired to express our culture in everything we do. Our Winery itself is a bold celebration and strong reflection of our commitment to authenticity and deep respect for our colourful past. We extend an invitation to discover, not only the international award-wining wines we produce, but also the relentless spirit and remarkable history that inspire them.

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Okanagan Crush Pad

Okana­gan Crush Pad is committed to making wines that are pure Okanagan. Wines that celebrate the distinctive beauty and exceptional micro-climates and geology of our vineyards. The Summerland winery, owned by Christine Coletta and Steve Lornie, is located on the 10-acre Switch­back Organic Vine­yard site overlooking Lake Okana­gan.

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Painted Rock Estate Winery

InterVin’s 2014/15 WINERY OF THE YEAR, Painted Rock Estate Winery sits on a spectacular bench that overlooks the eastern shores of Skaha Lake in Penticton, B.C. Proprietor John Skinner purchased the 60-acre property and started Painted Rock Estate Winery with the intent of making world class wines for a global audience. The property has a unique microclimate that is particularly suited to the production of premium wines worthy of the most discriminating palates. Earning regional, national and international recognition further validates Painted Rock’s singular commitment to the production of ultra-premium Okanagan wines.

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Peninsula Ridge

We have planted 42 acres of vinifera grapes and also manage a neighbouring 43-acre vineyard, producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. In addition, Peninsula Ridge has entered into long-term contracts with some of the best growers in Niagara to ensure the finest-quality fruit for our wines.

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Play Winery

Located at the entrance to Skaha Hills, the winery will feature an iconic modern architectural style, and include a wine shop, tasting lounge, indoor and outdoor bistro/function space, and more than 12 acres of vineyard. As the closest winery to Penticton, the Skaha Hills winery will become the natural starting point for the South Okanagan wine region.

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Quails’ Gate

Our 125 acre lakefront property is located on the historic home site of Okanagan pioneers the Allison Family (1870’s). The vineyard consists of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, ‘Old Vines’ Marechal Foch, Riesling, Chasselas, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Merlot, Optima, Cabernet Sauvignon and Gamay plantings.

Quails’ Gate is an industry leader in viticulture and places an emphasis on the development of exceptional wines through extensive research of new experimental varietal clones, canopy management techniques with high-density plantings and crop control which is used to significantly reduce yields and concentrate fruit flavours. Production focus is ultra premium VQA and internationally recognizable wines with a focus towards Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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Before it all began we looked at each other and asked: why not?

We took a chance, rolled up our sleeves, and poured everything we knew into an age-old process. With a desire to create something that would fuel conversation over delicious meals and bring good people
together, we set out to make outstanding wine. Each bottle of Quidni Estate wine celebrates the philosophy of taking risks, leaving excuses at the door, and living life to the fullest.

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Road 13

Road 13 Vineyards is a family owned winery in Oliver, British Columbia. Founded in 2003, Road 13 ranks among the very top of Canadian wineries with wines that express the special character of the South Okanagan. Our motto, “It’s All About the Dirt” reflects our belief that great wines are made in the vineyard. We respect our vines and work hard to farm with integrity.

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Stratus Vineyards

Stratus Vineyards, established in 2000 and located in the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada and is a gravity-flow winery, distinguished by its LEED-certified facility, its commitment to sustainability and wines of outstanding quality. Made from hand-tended grapes grown on the Stratus 53-acre estate and guided by winemaker Jean-Laurent (J-L) Groux, the vineyard’s signature wines, Stratus Red and Stratus White are made in the ‘art of assemblage’. Based on final barrel selection, a limited and dynamic portfolio of varietal wines and Icewines are also released each year. Less common varietals to the region such as Semillon, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese and Tannat are grown and bottled as expressions of discovery most years. In 2009 Stratus engaged international wine consultant Paul Hobbs to add further dimension and complexity to the already respected and acclaimed wines from the estate.

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Summerhill Pyramid Winery

Summerhill Pyramid Winery (established 1991) is Canada’s premier certified organic winery, BC’s first Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard, and Canada’s foremost producer of sparkling wine.

The portfolio of 100% BC wines has earned the winery the title of ‘Canadian Wine Producer of the Year’ at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, England, as well as numerous international trophies and medals at the highest levels of competition.

The winemaking philosophy is that organic and biodynamic is the royal road to producing exceptionally beautiful, authentic, terroir based wine.

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Tantalus Vineyard

Tantalus Vineyards is situated on the eastern slopes of the Okanagan Valley, overlooking the shores of Lake Okanagan and the township of Kelowna. Originally known as Pioneer Vineyards, the site was first planted to table grapes in 1927 and today is known as the oldest, continuously-producing vineyard in British Columbia.

Tantalus specializes in producing single-vineyard Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay – made exclusively from fruit grown on our 75-acre property and with plantings dating back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. All of our wines are produced on site in our state- of-the-art, LEED-certified winery.

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Tawse Winery

Tawse is a family- owned estate winery dedicated to producing premium VQA wines. Situated on the lower slopes of the Niagara Escarpment, Tawse Winery unites traditional winemaking techniques with state-of-the-art technology to create wines of exceptional elegance, depth and character. Our fruit is hand-harvested from old growth, low yield vines and gently handled using gravity flow and geothermic energy. Certified organic and biodynamic, and Winery of the Year at the 2010 and 2011 Canadian Wine Awards, Tawse brings the highest international standards of winemaking to Ontario.

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TH Wines

TH Wines are by hand, a philosophy that takes shape during winter pruning, when individual vines are given direction for the season, and ends when finished wines are lifted off the bottling line, with the work of the vintage intact. Despite the limits to production that are inherent in this choice, we favour the human touch and the winemaker’s craft over the work of machines, for the grace it brings to the vintage.

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Therapy Vineyards & Guesthouse

Therapy Vineyards & Guesthouse is located in beautiful British Columbia, situated on the Naramata Bench in Penticton. Therapy grows Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer grapes on its own 10 acre estate vineyard and manages an additional 5 acres of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes.

Therapy released its first vintage in 2005, constructed a new state–of-the-art winery building capable of 15,000 cases in 2008, and has since grown to approximately 10,000 cases creating memorable and award winning wines such as our Freudian Series, Fizzio Therapy Blanc & Freudified.

Our Naramata property includes a retail store as well as an eight bedroom world- class guesthouse that offers an elegant and therapeutic getaway ideal for your next vacation.

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Tinhorn Creek Vineyards

Established in 1993, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards is located just south of Oliver B.C., in the famed Golden Mile wine-growing district. Evoking classic south Okanagan terroir, Tinhorn Creek proudly offers a variety of premium wines harvested from 150 acres of land on two very distinct vineyard benches, the Black Sage and Golden Mile. As the first winery in Canada to support carbon neutral measures, Tinhorn Creek continues their commitment to land stewardship, conservation and environmentally sustainable practices. Family owned and operated, Tinhorn Creek offers an unrivalled visitor experience including a self-guided tour, and the exceptional Miradoro Restaurant.

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Two Sisters

Our family shared a vision. One of creating a beautiful place to visit and to produce premium Niagara wines. Being sole proprietors, we were able to bring our vision to fruition as to how we want our guests to enjoy their experience here on our estate.

As an extension of our Marotta family, we have grasped at the opportunity to settle roots in the Niagara Region, particularly Niagara-on-the Lake, and to do our best to produce the finest wines from its beautiful and unique terroir.

Our future here is rooted within these vines and the passion to please the palate in both wine and food will stand the test of time. It is an extension of our family home, a place where people could savour life’s little moments and celebrate occasions.

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