Some of us will jump on an airplane just to drink the right pint of local beer in the right location. We want you at Northern Lands, where you’ll definitely discover something — and someone — new.

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Alley Kat Brewing Co.

A small brewery with a scrappy spirit, Alley Kat is Edmonton’s longest running micro-brewery, with a current capacity of 8,300 hectolitres annually. Each brew is done as a small batch so we can keep a close eye on a brew’s quality. Wherever possible, Alley Kat works with local products and local suppliers. Our aim is to introduce beer lovers to great craft beer – so drink up and enjoy!

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Bench Creek

It’s easy to put things into perspective when you’re kilometres outside the nearest town
standing next to a forest of spruce trees that happen to be older than the country you live in. The large things in your life get smaller, the small things simply disappear, and you’re free to move the mountains you thought were standing in your way. A life well lived is done only on your own terms.

Likewise, well-crafted beer is never an accident of fate. The ingredients didn’t fall together
without purpose. Think of Bench Creek Brewing as a beacon for craft beer in Alberta, exploring the untouched wilds in search of new flavours before anyone else. We take what we find in those uncharted territories, refine it, distill it and perfect a beer that’s crafted to be shared with the world.

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Big Rock

Located in Calgary, Alberta Big Rock Brewery is dedicated to brewing premium, all-natural craft beers. Founded in 1985 by Ed McNally, it is one of Alberta’s original craftbreweries. Big Rock boasts a family of deliberately different ales, lagers and cidersavailable across Canada. They also offer a selection of seasonal beers released throughtheir Brewmaster’s Series and limited-run releases through their Alchemist Edition.

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Blindman Brewing is located in Lacombe, Alberta. We began operation in September 2015, and have recently celebrated our 1st Anniversary. We are dedicated to producing quality ales that we are both proud of and inspire our patrons. Blindman Brewing’s name sake is the Blindman River – a name that we also passed along to our flagship beer: Blindman River Session Ale. Being located in the heart of Alberta makes Blindman Brewing a convenient place to visit; we welcome patrons to our brewery taproom year round.

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Our founder Michael Lanigan started Brewsters in 1989, way before small-batch brewing was the trend it is today. Now, as a second-generation family business, our batches aren’t as small as they once were. But the idea that got us started is the idea that still drives us today. It’s a pretty simple formula, really – combine beer that’s brewed with passion with an outstanding dining experience. That formula has led us to where we are today – one of Alberta’s longest-standing local breweries, with 11 restaurants across the province.

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Grizzly Paw

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company is located in Canmore, Alberta, the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Established in April 1996, The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company has become a tourist destination favourite and a great place to stop and a have local beer with fresh, great food!

The Grizzly Paw currently brews 9 full-time beers at the brewery and continues to use the older brewery at the pub for their lager program and seasonals. They added 6 unique hand-crafted sodas to their family in 2006 which are offered in grocery stores across Alberta and British Columbia. The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company uses fresh water in all their products that streams out of the Canmore reservoir.

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Brewing in a space carved out of the pub of a Camrose hotel you’d be forgiven for not hearing this name before. In reality, Norseman has been producing a Longship Blonde Ale, Eric the Red, seasonal favourites, and one-off brews for five years and serving them fresh out of the Norsemen Inn. One of Alberta’s best kept secrets, the Norsemen Brewing Co. has recently expanded their offerings it include up to four seasonal and rotating beers alongside their two mainstays.

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Parallel 49 Brewing

Parallel 49 Brewing Company is an East Vancouver microbrewery brewing up some of the highest quality craft beers in B.C. With a successful first two years and high achievements at last year’s Canadian Brewing Awards, Parallel 49 has recently expanded their sales into the Prairie Provinces as well as Ontario and the U.S. Their unusual but fun and cheeky named brews have become wildly popular among craft beer enthusiasts who enjoy their year round brews including Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale, Filthy Dirty I.P.A, Hoparazzi and Old Boy. In addition, Parallel 49 offers a variety of highly anticipated seasonal beers including Trricycle Grapefruit Radler, Schadenfreude pumpkin Oktoberfest, Ugly Sweater Milk Stout, Salty Scot Salted Caramel Scotch Ale and many others.

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Tool Shed Brewery is a labor of love that was formed between Jeff Orr and Graham Sherman. They are two guys who have always taken their hobbies waaaay too far and home brewing was no different. Our full production brewery is quite the step up from the 5 gallon home brew set-up that was in the Tool Shed in South Calgary back in 2012.

Our philosophy has always been “Hand Crafted Beer, Best Served with a Story.”!

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Wild Rose Brewery is a small craft brewery established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1996. The breweryprides itself on their beer using all natural, local, unpasteurized ingredients with no preservatives, and a“dash of Alberta attitude”. Wild Rose Beer is only available in Alberta.

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Wood Buffalo Brewing Co.

Our founding principle at the Bear Hill Brewing Company is to create the absolute highest quality beer experience possible. This guiding philosophy encompasses everything that we do. We believe in providing a mix of essential food classics and contemporary staples to create the perfect Canadian menu to be enjoyed alongside our beer. We have taken on the responsibility of localizing the beer experience by making authentic, fresh craft products that establish a new, truly Canadian beer culture. We use only the best ingredients: premium hops and malts combined with our own cultured yeast strains.

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Yellowhead Brewing

Located in the heart of Edmonton, Yellowhead Brewery focuses on providing Edmonton with the freshest beer available. Its flagship brand Yellowhead Premium Lager is a modern version of Edmontons original beer created at the end of the 19th century. Its mildly hopped aroma, clean sweet malt taste, and crisp finish make it a versatile choice in any situation.

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Yukon Brewing

Yukon Brewing has been making award winning beers since 1997. Yukon Spirits has been producing since 2009, as an extension of the beer making skills at Yukon Brewing. The main focus has been whisky,none of which has yet been sold (or even named). It is, however, aging nicely, and will ultimately be a stellar single malt whisky. Yukon Spirits also produce a line of small run specialty spirits, called Concepts. These will be available, starting in 2015, in Alberta. Each Concept is different, with each bottle numbered, and will be sold at discriminating stores around Alberta.

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