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Jason Foster

Jason Foster is an Edmonton-based beer writer and educator. He is the beer columnist for CBC Radio in Northern Alberta and writes for a variety of outlets, including Vue Weekly, Planet S, Mash: The Canadian Beer Magazine among others. He is a BJCP National Rank Beer Judge and a homebrewer with 25-years experience. He is also the creator of onbeer.org, a website devoted to craft beer on the prairies.

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Owen Kirkaldy

Owen is one of three Master ranked BJCP beer judges in Canada, and has trained many of the other BJCP judges in Alberta.  Some have described him as “Beer Yoda”.  He has been a beer judge for over a decade and a homebrewer for 22 years.  He has held the roles of President, Education Director and Head Judge of the Edmonton Homebrewers’ Guild and is presently in the role of Member at Large of that organizations’ executive Committee.  When pressed, he will tell you that beer judging isn’t nearly as fun or glamorous as it sounds.

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Kurt Stenberg

Kurt is a National-ranked BJCP judge currently residing in Red Deer. He has been involved in beer since 2001, starting as a homebrewer and quickly becoming a beer judge. He credits his learning experience to the Edmonton Homebrewers’ Guild as well as the people involved with Alley Kat Brewing and Brewsters. When he is not judging beer he is either sipping on a Negroni or performing his day job as a firefighter.

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