What is Northern Lands

Canadian wine has transformed in the last thirty years, from a curiosity into a daily ritual for so many of us. We have our favourites, from the wineries big enough to ship into Alberta, and we can go to regional and international expos. But until now, there hasn’t been one gathering place for all of Canada’s winemakers, big and small, from all of its regions: from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia. When we decided to put this festival together, we thought: why stop at wine? We invited craft beer producers and distillers too. And we’re pairing it all with some of Canada’s finest chefs — all in the country’s most entrepreneurial city. Northern Lands will be a place to learn about wine, to taste it, to drink it with food from one of Canada’s most fertile agricultural regions and culinary labs, and to gather for a pint of the country’s most exciting craft beers. All that and Northern Lands raises funds for the High School Culinary Challenge and the Edmonton Community Foundation Grateful Palate Fund.

The Wineries

This country has come a long way since Baby Duck. We can’t all travel the country, tasting and filling our trunks with our favourite wines. Too few of us understand, let alone appreciate Canada’s wine explosion. So we’ve invited over 40 of them to Edmonton for one deliciously patriotic weekend. Read more

The Breweries

Some of us will jump on an airplane just to drink the right pint of local beer in the right location. We want you at Northern Lands, where you’ll definitely discover something — and someone — new.

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The Craft Distillers

Thanks to restrictive laws south of the border, some of the world’s great booze barons were Canadian. Today’s craft distillers create for a smaller but more devoted market, using local ingredients that sing of their places. Like our wine and craft beer producers, they’re finding fans all over the world.

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The Chefs

Some of Canada’s finest agricultural land is in the Edmonton region. This is a farmers’ market city, with brilliant meat and produce. It’s also a culinary workshop, where some of Canada’s finest chefs launched their ideas. Today, Edmonton is in the midst of a food scene explosion, and Northern Lands is inviting some of the country’s best to come into town and mingle with them.

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