Meet Your Makers

Vinitaly Canada Edmonton – il piacere del gusto italiano

What is Northern Lands?

Canadian wine has transformed in the last thirty years, from a curiosity into a daily ritual for so many of us. We have our favourites, from the wineries big enough to ship into Alberta, and we can go to regional and international expos.

Northern Lands will be a place to learn about wine, to taste it, to drink it with food from one of Canada’s most fertile agricultural regions and culinary labs, and to gather for a pint of the country’s most exciting craft beers. All that and Northern Lands raises funds for the High School Culinary Challenge and the Edmonton Community Foundation Grateful Palate Fund.

Meet Your Makers

Some of us hold a secret in our hearts. If we weren’t doing this, we’d buy up a vineyard. Or we’d start a craft brewery, a distillery, a restaurant. We spend our leisure time eating and drinking what they make, and marveling at what they’ve achieved. Meet Your Makers is a thrilling opportunity to spend some time with the country’s best as we eat and drink Canada in our glasses and on our plates.

Meet Your Makers Event

May 6, 2017


Canada – Edmonton

May 2-3, 2017